Who am I? Who the hell am I? Who do I think I am?
All great questions. 

Let's back up to the beginning: first there was the big bang, dinosaurs, lots of people in caves, then there were some knights (I like that part,) dragons maybe, then we discovered electricity (Nicola Tesla goes bananas) then some genius created advertising and that's where I come in. I've been a Creative Director making ads for a waaayyy long time. You've probably seen my work on daytime TV or maybe on Instagram. I'm the one trying to sell you something amazing for your cold sores. (Don't ask me how we know you get cold sores.) Now I work at an ad agency in beautiful Philadelphia, but I secretly love to write stories. Real stories. The kind with characters that move into your life. The kind story that makes you mad when you're getting to the end. But most of all, I write for the magic. A great story is a remedy for the truth of life.

So I've been writing for 10,000 years, but mostly from a cave. This is my cave women coming out party. Welcome.

E-Mail: abby@amchase.com